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Over the past four years, Weston Ranch High School has hosted an annual Math Cup to help show elementary-aged students that math can be fun! During the competition WRHS students serve as mentors, guiding young students through various problem-solving activities and challenges. The Math Cup also gives elementary schools the opportunity to engage in a friendly rivalry, with students eager to earn top prizes during the event!

Fifth graders from George Komure, August Knodt, and Great Valley elementary schools excitedly gathered for the early morning event. The atmosphere in the WRHS gym buzzed with energy, with students working together to discuss strategies before building structures out of popsicle sticks and solving problems on whiteboards.

“The Math Cup shows students the different ways math can be used in the real world,” says WRHS English teacher and co-organizer Ms. Deborah Chavez. Ms. Chavez worked with Ms. Stacia Lagomarsino to coordinate and host the event. “[It] shows the students that math isn’t just a subject, but something we use every day.”

While the results of the competition were close, Great Valley Elementary School was named the winner, receiving the 1st Place Trophy. Individual class teams also scored top rankings, with Mrs. Modesto’s “Brave Chickens” in first place, followed by Mrs. Reed’s “Giants”, Mrs. Bicknell’s “Bustin Tigers”, Mrs. Spitsen’s “Honey Yummy Turtles”, and Mrs. Terry’s “Ghostbusters”. All students truly demonstrated the joys of problem-solving and teamwork!

“The students really wanted to focus on winning the trophy back this year,” shared Ms. Amy Modesto, whose 5th grade classes have won three out of the four previous Math Cups. “It’s not just about winning or being good at math, it’s about building on their strengths as a team!”