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Ms. Anaya teaching her students

Crafting Your Path

CTE Weaves Careers and Creativity

Rose Garcia, a 2022 Manteca High alumna, has entered the interior and fashion design scene. After gaining first-hand experience through Career Technical Education (CTE) courses at MHS, she is now making her mark at the furniture and décor store Living Spaces.

Her creative journey began when she enrolled in classes specializing in Interior & Fashion Design. Reflecting on her journey, Rose reminisces, “I never imagined myself taking an interior design class when I was younger. I remember looking at the course catalog to see what exciting classes were to enroll in. The ‘Intro to Interior Design’ class caught my eye, and I decided to try it. Little did I know that decision would alter my future plans and lead me toward a career in interior design.”

"Little did I know that decision would alter my future plans and lead me toward a career in interior design."

- Rose

Today, Rose works as a Visual Stylist at Living Spaces where she recently won a company-wide display contest. This accomplishment spotlighted her talent, featuring her display at all 40 stores nationwide!

“When I crafted a display for the contest, I wasn’t aware it was a company-wide competition. I thought it was just a regional contest! I didn’t expect to win - It was such a surprise when my boss texted me that Manteca was awarded first place,” Rose recounts, glowing with pride.

3 photos of Rose's display at living spaces.

Rose credits this professional achievement to her high school experience. Enrolling in CTE Interior & Fashion Design classes ignited her passion and equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed in the design world.

“Something that I tell my students is, ‘You’re going to learn by doing. We’re going to mess up, and that’s okay. We are going to learn from our mistakes,” shares Ms. Angie Anaya, Rose’s former Fashion & Interior Design teacher. “This class is about career discovery and learning skills that can be used for the rest of your life.”

Stories like Rose’s inspire current and future students in Manteca Unified, encouraging them to explore CTE classes as a pathway to transform their interests into careers.

Rose emphasizes the significance of seizing opportunities by taking classes that lead to self-discovery. “I’m grateful that Manteca Unified offers a diverse array of CTE courses because they allowed me to explore my interests and shape my future. Many graduates enter college without a clear career path, so CTE classes can help students decide what career they’d like to try at a high school level.”

Looking ahead, Rose plans to pursue further studies in interior design at the college level while continuing to grow at Living Spaces.


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