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Goodies for Gratitude

Joshua Cowell Event Inspires Community Spirit

Student salutes the US flag

In the crisp morning air of November 3rd, students at Joshua Cowell Elementary eagerly clutched bags full of goodies, waiting to partake in the school’s annual event known as “Treats for Troops.” This school-wide initiative unites students to show their appreciation for American soldiers serving overseas by donating snacks, toiletries, socks, washcloths, and other essential items. 

The event involved students from grades first through eighth, each one voluntarily contributing treats for the soldiers, in a collective effort to show appreciation and remind them that they are never forgotten. For seventh grader Daniel, this event held a personal connection. He shared, “Before I was born, my dad served in the Marines, and I always thought if he was getting this package, he would be happy and he would appreciate it. Just like the troops that we just sent the packages to.”

Class by class, students streamed into the campus quad, placing their offerings, or "treats," on the steps of the school’s outdoor stage. Once all classes handed off their donations, a team of eighth graders and community member, Teri Palmer, who regularly leads and organizes local packing events for troops, whisked away to a classroom to sort and package the items into boxes. 

students donate items in Joshua Cowell's quad area

Lana, another eighth grader said, “Ever since I’ve helped, I definitely want to give back some more, and I plan on doing that in the future.”

In the past, soldiers recognized the school’s generosity by sending letters of appreciation. These heartfelt messages, some addressed to specific students and others to the entire school, are a testament to the impact of the students' efforts. While the event aims to give back to those who serve the country, it also inspires students to extend their kindness to their community by instilling a spirit of gratitude in their hearts.

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