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The 2023-24 Student Board and the Civic Engagement Seal

The Student Board is the active voice of the student body. These students work hard throughout the year to represent the interests of students from their respective schools to better student experience and engagement. A prominent example of their hard work is the “Awards for Achievement” policy change.

In September 2020, the California Department of Education adopted criteria to award a new seal to seniors, the State Seal of Civic Engagement (AB24). At a California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA) Conference this year, Lathrop High School teacher Mr. Soni learned about the Seal and brought it to the Student Board to help get it passed in Manteca Unified. Student Board Representative Abigail Torres shared that she was excited to hear about the idea because it would “give students the opportunity to be recognized for what they do for the community.”  

At the March 2024 Board Meeting, the Student Board brought forward a policy change initiative to make the seal available to MUSD students. In their presentation, the students advocated for an amendment to the Awards for Achievement Board Policy to include the new Seal of Civic Engagement to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in civics education and participation.

In April, the policy was amended and approved by the Board of Education — meaning, the seal is now accessible to all students regardless of their backgrounds, communities and experiences.  This year, 11 seniors from Lathrop High School will graduate with the State Seal of Civic Engagement on their diplomas. Student Board Representative Alexandra Chapman shared that moments like these are reasons why she’s “always loved being involved in the community. Getting to see the impact you leave on others.”

In preparation for the proposed policy amendment, the Student Board worked closely with Mr. Soni to establish the seal’s criteria in Manteca Unified as informed by the state of California. Apart from maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and earning at least a “C” in all social studies classes such as history and American economics, students must engage in a civic service project or report on a local issue with proposed solutions sent to the appropriate government agency to lobby for change.

The Seal of Civic Engagement joins the Seal of Biliteracy and the Golden Merit Seal as state marks of distinguishment that students can earn upon graduation.​

The Student Board received recognition for their year of service at the May 14 Board Meeting.

The Student Board received recognition for their year of service at the May 14 Board Meeting.

Thank you to the 2023-24 Student Board for all of your dedication this year to making a difference at each of your schools and in our district as a whole, and for making opportunities such as the Civic Engagement Seal available to students at Manteca Unified.

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