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Learning & Presenting Diverse Stories

Fourth Graders Celebrate Black History

Every month, Ms. Jeannie Pacheco plans lessons to celebrate diversity and introduce her students to new perspectives. This February, in honor of Black History Month, her class dedicated time to learning about the lives and legacies of influential Black figures in American history.

The commitment of Ms. Pacheco’s 4th grade class to immersing themselves in Black history is clear from the moment you step into their classroom. The room proudly displays various artworks created by students, including crafted dioramas, posters dedicated to prominent Black figures, bookmarks and art pieces mirroring the style of Black pop artist Jean Michel Basquiat. These items were created during class activities to encourage a deeper understanding of the diverse backgrounds and contributions of Black individuals to American history.

As a culminating project, students created individual PowerPoint presentations on various Black icons, from historic figures such as Rosa Parks to cultural influencers like legendary hip-hop rapper 2Pac. Through this project, students practiced essential grade level standards such as brainstorming, researching, and presenting.

Ms. Pacheco shared that she was filled with pride in seeing her students embrace diversity and inclusion throughout the project process.

“The students all had to pick different people,” Ms. Pacheco stated. “This allows the class to learn about 34 different people in a different way and it allows students to express themselves while learning.”

Through Ms. Pacheco’s efforts to create an inclusive environment, she empowers students to develop an appreciation for others.

“By the end of the year, I feel like my class is proficient in presenting and I feel as if my class is open-minded to different types of learning and different cultures because we’ve learned about different people throughout the school year,” Ms. Pacheco said.

As she looks ahead, Ms. Pacheco remains committed to nurturing a classroom environment where every voice is valued and celebrated.

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