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Making the Right Choice for YOU

How Weston Ranch High’s BSU Club is Helping Students Navigate the College Selection Process

HBC Panel Members hold up Weston Ranch shirts.

“Think about who you are and what you stand for. Now picture going to a school where you are valued and celebrated, just for being yourself. Can you think of anything better?”

This was just one of the many excellent, thought-provoking questions posed to students at a Black Student Union (BSU) event held at Weston Ranch High School on November 21st.

The event was organized to highlight Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and featured a panel of guest speakers who currently attend or graduated from an HBCU.

BSU President Skylar Reed and Club Secretary Whitney Mburu were inspired to host the guest speakers after realizing that most of their peers – even fellow members of their BSU Club – weren’t familiar with many Historically Black Colleges or Universities.

“We wanted to make sure our club members were educated about HBCUs so they could help get the word out about these options,” Skylar stated. “Our goal is to help share information about what’s possible, even if you may not realize it yet.”

BSU Advisor and WRHS World History Teacher Dr. Roland Davis was a key component in the planning process, helping the club connect with panelists and brainstorm ideas for questions.

“He always gives us 110%,” Whitney shared. “He is such an advocate for students, along with our Principal, Mr. Fast. They always support activities on campus that open your eyes to colleges and opportunities after high school.”

Student uses a mic to ask a question.

To coordinate the event, BSU members researched possible guest speakers, reached out via email, and wrote panelist biographies as part of their introductory presentation. Skylar and Whitney made sure they included several California natives who could speak to the experience of attending an HBCU in a different part of the country after growing up in California, as most historically black schools are in the southeastern United States. They even selected one panelist who graduated from Weston Ranch High, so students in the audience could truly connect and see themselves on a similar path.

“We wanted insight that is relevant,” the two shared.

As she prepares to pursue a career in Psychiatry, Whitney looks forward to the close-knit faculty, professor mentorship, and guidance that her chosen HBCU will provide. Skylar is excited to gain more confidence in herself and experience life as an adult as she embarks on a journey to become a Criminal Justice lawyer.

Preparing to graduate this spring, they will leave behind a legacy of supporting and advocating for their peers.

“Some students live in areas with less resources than others, so it can feel like you’re set up for failure from the beginning. That’s why it’s important for younger high schoolers to start early, seek out information and resources, and set themselves up for success! You can go anywhere you want to go and do anything you set your mind to,” Whitney shares.

“I hope we gave our peers something to really think about when considering colleges,” Skyler summarized. “If I have one message for my classmates, it’s don’t settle for anything that’s not right for you.”

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