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In the classroom and on the field, Mr. Joseph Rasmussen is an all-star.  


So, it’s no surprise that the Lathrop Elementary teacher was invited to take the field with the San Francisco 49ers as their honored “Teacher of the Game”! 


Mr. Rasmussen is a junior high educator, teaching both science and P.E., who extends learning beyond the confines of the classroom.  He is always looking to improve student experiences and seizes every opportunity to help children build character, see the world with fresh eyes, and spark a love of learning that burns for years to come. 


Mr. Rasmussen’s advocacy for hands-on learning experiences led to the planning of a cross-country field trip to New York City and Washington, D.C. The field trip highlighted his commitment to broadening students’ horizons, especially for kids who have not traveled outside of San Joaquin County. While the task may have daunted others, Mr. Rasmussen was dedicated to raising funds and coordinating the logistics of the trip, knowing it would create an unforgettable and inspiring experience for students. 


Believing that extracurricular activities play a vital role in student growth, Mr. Rasmussen also started an all-gender flag football league in Manteca Unified, creating an opportunity for students to learn about teamwork in an inclusive environment. He also boosts school spirit by creating engaging videos each week to celebrate the successes of Lathrop Elementary’s students and staff. 


Congratulations, Mr. Rasmussen, on your well-deserved recognition! Check out these great photos from the game – some of his students even came to support him!