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Putting Students First

MUSD’s Financial Responsibility Benefits Individualized Learning

student works on a worksheet

Today, countless students followed their normal routines at school.

A 3rd grader at August Knodt walked into their classroom and sat in a chair specifically designed for children’s physical need for movement, allowing them to rock gently while their teacher read aloud from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

At Sequoia, a 7th grader joined friends in the cafeteria during lunch, plucking a tray of turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables from the counter without needing to pay for the nutritious meal that would give them the energy to focus during science lessons later in the afternoon.

And in a 3rd-period class at Lathrop High, an 11th grader switched on their student device and connected to the internet, ready to be challenged by the day’s Pre-Calculus activities.

But specialized furniture, school meals, and student devices don’t appear out of thin air. Making sure students have access to what they need to increase their ability to learn – the dependable resources that make up their everyday school routines – involves carefully and strategically managing the MUSD’s budget.

In fact, this August, Manteca Unified School District once again received global recognition for our outstanding financial responsibility, having been previously honored in 2021! S&P Global Ratings, a world-leading financial researcher, assigned its “AA-” long-term rating to Manteca Unified, reporting that MUSD’s budget revealed good financial management. Additionally, Moody’s Investors Services, Inc., a global credit rating agency, rated MUSD with their “Aa2” and “Aa3” rating for our ability to budget thoughtfully, manage debt effectively, and use one-time funds that were distributed during the pandemic. This year, Moody’s has bestowed the esteemed “Aa2” rating to Manteca Unified.

This achievement could not have been possible without MUSD’s Board of Education, Superintendent, dedicated staff, and supportive community, who all share a common, unifying goal of using taxpayer dollars to benefit student learning and improve long-term student outcomes.

“Student needs are at the center of all decision-making in Manteca Unified, including ensuring equitable access to resources to remove barriers to student success,” shared Victoria Brunn, MUSD’s Chief Business & Information Officer.

“Today’s learner is culturally aware, innovative, and dynamic, so our annual budget plan must also have these attributes.”