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Securing Schools for a Growing Community

When a new housing developer comes to town, it is necessary to plan beyond the construction and into the future of its community.keychain with a house and two keysBecoming a homeowner is an important decision. You’ll consider the neighborhood, proximity to the freeway, nearest grocery store, coffee shop, and public park among other things. But most importantly, you consider the neighborhood school where your children, and future generations, will receive their education during their most critical years.

Before new developments are built, significant planning occurs to ensure the safety of future homeowners and the neighborhood— traffic lights and ambulance services for example. In growing communities, such as Manteca and Lathrop, there could be major impacts if not appropriately planned and mitigated for– such as a lack of safe walking routes or an overflow of student enrollment in neighborhood schools.

A special tax known as Mello-Roos provides for these vital community needs. Schools are a key beneficiary as state funds are not typically available to provide the quality or expansion of facilities necessary in every community. To enact this special tax, a new housing developer must agree to join a Community Facility District (CFD).

What does this mean? Mello-Roos taxes offer the security of knowing that you are helping your community prosper and grow in ways that are most beneficial to residents, and your home’s value will remain intact.

dollar signCFDs are the funding method used historically by the District to help build new classrooms in areas of growth. To support new incoming students generated by residential development, MUSD has been successful in using a combination of Mello Roos taxes (CFD) and mitigation agreements. This source of funding is critical for new facility construction, adding capacity, and replacing temporary solutions at existing sites—unlike bond measures (Measure G and Measure A) which were authorized by voters to address health and safety issues as well as modernization at aging schools.

location iconComing soon to the City of Manteca is a community development known as Yosemite Greens. Situated between Airport Rd. and Crom St., right behind the Manteca Park Golf Course, Yosemite Greens will be developed into 99 single-family residential units. Perhaps the most desirable aspect of this new development is its commitment to providing a quality, safe neighborhood — Yosemite Greens has entered its CFD to allow its residents to invest in their neighborhood through Mello Roos.

To secure the future of a growing community, the city, housing developers, and MUSD work as a collective to ensure the high-level education of present-day and future generations.

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