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Young Learners Embark on a Journey through Time

How Third Graders at Mossdale Elementary Are Bringing History to Life

Ms. Christina Martin’s third grade class at Mossdale Elementary School's Wax Museum

In Ms. Christina Martin’s third grade class at Mossdale Elementary School, one event is greatly anticipated each school year: The Wax Museum!

The annual Wax Museum project allows third grade students to explore the history of legendary figures such as Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, and Theodore Roosevelt by learning about and ultimately impersonating them.

The eight-week project begins with students choosing a famous person from history and researching them to gain a strong understanding of who their figure was. This knowledge allows Ms. Martin’s class to practice learning standards by writing biographies, creating PowerPoint presentations, designing poster boards, and writing and memorizing speeches.

At home, students work with their families to create costumes and props. After their planning period, the project culminates in oral presentations for schoolmates, staff, and families to enjoy in Mossdale’s Multi-Purpose Room.

students pose in front of their presentation boards in costume

“The students love learning about historical figures and are often inspired by the actions of these heroes and heroines of the past,” shares Ms. Martin. By embodying the characteristics of another person, students learn to think critically about how to represent specific traits and express honorable attributes such as bravery, persistence, compassion, and dedication.

For Ms. Martin’s students, the Wax Museum event isn’t just a school project—it’s an unforgettable journey through time and a chance to walk in the footsteps of legends.

“The Wax Museum is my favorite project of the year! It brings learning to life and gives students the opportunity to share their discoveries with others in a fun yet meaningful way. Each year I am impressed by how my students rise to the challenge and surpass my expectations!” – Ms. Martin