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Coordination of Services Team (COST)

COST is an initiative that is revolutionizing the educational landscape by breaking down barriers and unlocking the potential of students. Since its inception in elementary schools, COST has witnessed an astounding expansion in high schools this year, transforming the lives of countless students in the district.

MUSD’s COST model is an innovative method of early intervention that strengthens school prevention and intervention efforts. Its core objective is to provide immediate support to referred students who face challenges hindering their engagement in essential academic instruction. These barriers encompass a range of issues, from behavioral difficulties and a lack of basic necessities to social-emotional needs and chronic absenteeism.

Once a student is identified as needing support, the COST team springs into action, working collaboratively to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to address and eliminate the barriers impeding the student’s path to success. This personalized approach ensures that every student receives the necessary support so they can begin to thrive academically.

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Breaking Barriers, Unlocking Potential