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English Language Development

In MUSD, there are more than 5,000 students receiving support via English Language Development (ELD) instruction each year.

Manteca Unified’s robust ELD service is designed based on the understanding that students who have a limited understanding of how to speak, read, write, or comprehend English face unique academic learning barriers. For all students to thrive, culturally and linguistically diverse programming is key.

The primary goal of the English Language Development program is for students to attain high levels of English proficiency, master grade level standards, and gain opportunities to develop proficiency in multiple languages.

There are 3 types of ELD Services:

  • Designated ELD (UTK-8): Protected time during the school day for focused instruction on CA ELD Standards.

  • Departmentalized ELD (9-12): Stand-alone departmentalized class for focused instruction on CA ELD Standards.

  • Integrated ELD (UTK-12 SDAIE): Focus on grade-level content-area standards in tandem with CA ELD Standards.

ELD Pathways


The Story in Stats (2023-24)

We use meaningful, aligned data to track and support areas of need as well as guiding instructions.

53.5% K-12 Students met their growth in Math

53.9% 2-8th grade Students met their growth in Language Usage

44.4% 1-12 Students met their Growth projection in reading

203 Students graduated with a seal of biliteracy

1 new curriculum Adoption

532 Reclassifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the day, students are required to learn English (both conversational and academic) and content knowledge simultaneously. Integrated and Designated ELD (English Language Development) are both critical parts of a student's daily instruction. Both types of ELD provide scaffolds for students to meet academic and language needs, yet remain intellectually challenging, interactive, and engaging.

Learn about ELD from the Experts!


Karen Herrick, EL Coordinator:

Wendy Herrick, EL Instructional Specialist High School:

Melissa Herrera, EL Instructional Specialist Elementary:

Sandy del Mundo, EL Instructional Specialist Elementary: