• Alternative Learning Options


    In 2020, the District developed alternative learning options for families with extenuating circumstances or for those who simply elect an online or independent option as part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan. These learning models, known as the MUSD Online Academy and our robust Independent Study program, remain viable options for families in the 2022-23 school year:

    Online Academy

    The MUSD Online Academy is a K-8 school that provides a standards-based curriculum coupled with a flexible online learning environment. In-person student assessments as well as in-person prevention and intervention are required for students scoring below grade level. 

    K-8 students have the option to register with the MUSD Online Academy, our independent study program with synchronous and asynchronous instruction as per AB130. In-person student assessments as well as in-person prevention and intervention are required for all students. 

    In addition, we have short term independent study available for students that are quarantined. 

    Independent Study

    MUSD’s Independent Study program is an option available for 9-12 students and can be accessed through the student’s home school. Independent Study uses a designated online platform known as Grad Point, a mastery-level program which utilizes a blend of both live instruction and independent work. This option best fits students who are not comfortable with in-person instruction but still wish to be evaluated for progress in-person.

    Students will be given four courses meeting graduation requirements, closely matching their current high school schedule. Students are required to meet 90 minutes per day, in person, and complete a minimum of 240 minutes per day of program engagement. In addition, students will be required to complete all assessments in person. Student may participate in school extracurricular activities (sports, etc.) through the student’s school of residence.

    Click here for detailed information.

  • Participation in a specific program may be based on enrollment at that time but the district will ensure that at least one option is available.  

    Students may change to in-person instruction based on interaction with their site COST team. Parents are to contact the independent study program principal if they wish to change to in-person instruction. Students will be placed in in-person instruction within five days.  

    Students in grades 7-12 will be enrolled in their neighborhood school, however, the District cannot guarantee the same schedule. Students in grades K-6 will be enrolled in their neighborhood school, if space allows. If there is no space at that time, students will be assigned to an elementary school with space. Students may return to their neighborhood school the following year by notifying the independent study principal. 


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