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Community Relations and Engagement

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Greetings from the Community Relations and Engagement team! Our overall purpose as a department is to serve and support school sites, staff, MUSD families, and our whole community. Our team implements and sustains community relations, outreach, and print/media publications. Our team also advises leadership on all comprehensive communication services and strategies for the District, working closely with our Superintendent, Dr. Clark Burke, and executive leadership. Our goal is to communicate our unified message clearly and effectively.

The Community Relations and Engagement team works to maximize awareness of District news, programs, events, and offerings through the power of social media, our website, mobile application, publications including The Mark Highlights and What’s the Word?, and various mass communication systems. Additionally, we implement a crisis communication plan in the event of an emergency. We strive for excellence in delivery and measure our results closely.   

Meet Our Team


Lindsay Harris, Coordinator of Community Outreach

Lindsay leads the communications team to oversee public affairs, community concerns, press, and government relations. She develops communication projects, devises strategy and makes recommendations based on current trends, issues, and needs in the educational environment. As part of the MUSD Incident Command Team, Lindsay also manages crisis communication.

Phone: (209) 858-0861



Caitlin Pearsall, Communications Specialist

Caitlin is a strategist, writer, communicator, and storyteller. In this capacity, she oversees the coordination and implementation of various special projects and events. She assists with crisis communication, manages our mass communication systems, social media platforms, coordinates media opportunities, and is the editor of all outgoing publications.


Katie Hoyer, Media and Web Communications Specialist

Katie is our talented eye who specializes in visual communication. She is a key supporter and designer of all graphic, media, and print publications released to the public as part of a strategic plan, campaign, or in response to a current trend or need. She tells visual stories through videography, photography, and graphic work as well as written stories. 


Maricela Flores, Front Desk Rep. & Facility Use Assistant

As the front desk representative, Maricela ensures our MUSD community receives the highest level of care and service.She is also the primary contact for Facility Use coordination, inquiries, and permitting as she works with school sites on behalf of local non-profits and partners to use school facilities. 


Chyna Branscum Bear, Department Secretary  

Chyna ensures that our department runs smoothly and efficiently by the team. She is responsible for our budgets, purchases, procedures, and other coordination on our behalf while supporting many special projects and efforts to help further our impact.