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Emergency Preparedness & Safety Department

This department is responsible for the coordination, outreach, and support of the processes and procedures for emergency preparedness and safety throughout the district.  These tasks will be conducted through the following actions:

  • Workplace Infection Program (WIP) coordination,
  • Inter/Intra agency communications,
  • Site Safety Plan development, implementation, practice, and refinement, and
  • Leadership training in emergency preparedness using current NIMS and FEMA guidance.

Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness and Safety


Mr. Dennis Foster

Mr. Foster joins Manteca Unified with 23 years of experience working in public education. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis and master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of the Pacific, he served as a social science teacher for 11 years. Following his teaching tenure, Mr. Foster transitioned into leadership by becoming a school administrator – to date, he has served as a principal, assistant principal, vice principal, and athletic director.

In his role as Emergency Preparedness and Safety Coordinator, Mr. Foster will develop, manage, and maintain School Safety Plans, Emergency Response Procedures, and the District Emergency Plan, provide oversight and support to the Workplace Infection Prevention (WIP) team and its processes, and act as a liaison between the district and various emergency responder agencies as needed. Additionally, he will oversee and manage the district’s emergency preparedness management system(s) and coordinate safety training and support for school site and district administration.

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