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Section 504

Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires public schools to offer accommodations for eligible students with disabilities. These accommodations help students with special health needs to participate in programs and activities on an equal basis with their peers who do not have disabilities.


Your child may be eligible for a Section 504 plan if:

  1. They have a physical or mental impairment; and
  2. The impairment substantially limits at least one major life activity.

Physical or Mental Impairments

Some examples of physical or mental impairments are physical disabilities, health conditions, mental disorders, and learning disabilities.

  • Short term impairments (like a broken leg) may qualify a student for 504 accommodations. Such accommodations vary depending on how long the impairment lasts, and how limiting it is.
  • Episodic impairments may qualify a student for 504 accommodations. Students are qualified if the impairment substantially limits a major life activity when it is active.

Examples of Major Life Activities:
Caring for oneself, communicating, bending, breathing, doing tasks with one’s hands, eating, focusing, hearing, learning, lifting, major bodily functions, reading, seeing, sleeping, speaking, standing, thinking, walking, working.

The major life activity substantially limited need not be "learning" for a student to be eligible for 504 accommodations.


504 Coordinator Contact

Jessica Red, CoordiNATOR of Student serVICES

(209) 858-0782