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Applying to College

If you are planning on going to college, it is important to know and fulfill all high school graduation requirements. You will also want to know specific requirements for the colleges and/or universities you are applying to. Be sure to visit the website of the college you plan to attend for this information.

When evaluating students for admission, colleges may review the following information:

  • Grades earned during all four years of high school
  • The level of difficulty of high school courses
  • Rank in class
  • Scores on national tests (SAT I, SAT II, or ACT) 
  • Written recommendations by teachers and guidance counselors
  • Participation in outside activities such as sports, student government, music, drama, community service, and part-time jobs
  • Special talents like music, art, and sports
  • Essays 

Click Below to Learn About the Admission Processes for a Variety of Post-graduate Options: