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Multi-factor Authentication

Beginning July 1, 2022, all MUSD accounts will be required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access district resources remotely (e.g. E-mail, Teams, OneDrive, When on campus and connected to the MUSD network, MFA will not be required.

Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of protection to your district account and the systems that you access. When you sign-in (or authenticate) to your online accounts with your username and password you will be prompted for an additional authentication step (MFA), proving to the system that you are not an outside attacker using compromised credentials. This second layer of authentication can be accomplished by using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone, a text message, phone call, or a Microsoft Edge web browser extension. 


  1. Login to with your MUSD username and password.
  2. Click on your account picture and click 'View account'.
  3. In the 'Security info' section, click 'UPDATE INFO'.
  4. Click 'Add authentication method'. In the pop-up, select 'Authenticator app' then 'Add'.
  5. Note: You can select other authentication methods from the drop-down menu, such as a text message or phone call.
  6. Click 'Next' until you are presented with a QR code. 
  7. Using your smartphone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app and select the 'Scan a QR code' option. Next, scan the QR code on your screen. 
  8. Finally, approve the sign-in using your Microsoft Authenticator app.