• How to Register a New Student

    Welcome to MUSD!

    Step 1 - Find Your School

    Use the interactive Find Your School Tool to locate your child's school based on residency.

    School Boundaries


    Step 2 - Complete the Packet

    Click and download the First Day Packet relevant to your child.

    Complete the following forms (starting on page 18):

    1. Parents Rights and Responsibilities Form
    2. Public Relations Form
    3. Internet Consent Form
    4. Student Residency Questionnaire
    5. Title VI Indian Eligibility Form
    6. MUSD Registration Form
    7. Authorization for Medication Administration Form


    Step 3 - Visit Your Student's School Site

    Bring the completed forms to your student's school site along with the following items:

    1. Identification
    2. Current proof of residency (rental or utility contract, property tax receipt, pay stub, voter registration card, or correspondence from a government agency).
    3. Child's Immunization Record
    4. Birth Certificate
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